High Ceiling Lighting System

Commercial Lighting

  • Provides a wide range of lighting services for all industries.

  • From a single store to a large project for remodeling the entire retail chain.

  • LUMINAX LED has the resources and experience to take care of all your lighting needs.

  • Offers lighting services for new construction or for maintenance.

Industrial Lighting

  • LUMINAX LED is used as architectural lights to emphasize the important features of the building.

  • It creates safe conditions and promotes the desired image for city skyline.

Hospitality Lighting

  • LUMINAX LED offers high-quality and energy efficient lighting fixtures and solutions for designers and facilities to create flexible and welcoming spaces for the guests and clients.

  • LUMINAX LED offer a full range of styles across multiple product categories such as lighting fixtures, lamp, furniture, wall décor, and decorative accessories.

  • Able to take a design from concept to full production in our own facility and to bring you excellent quality at affordable pricing.

Facade Lighting

  • LUMINAX LED is pioneer in Malaysia and a leading specialist for Façade Lighting.

  • Professional façade lighting created by LUMINAX LED is always a statement in the industry.

  • We create an impressive visualisation of the exterior of the building.

  • As an integral part of façade lighting is that it highlights the special features of the architecture of the buildings.