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Our sub-brands provide global solutions that are of diverse designs.

They each work hand in hand to provide additional services of the highest quality.


Lighting COnsultancy & Design

We are specialist in lighting designs and

provide consultancy for many projects.

• Our concepts and designs meet

   international lighting standards

• Provide timely lighting solutions

   that meet technical specifications

• We present the clients with visualization of

   their projects with amazing 3D simulations

• We present full & detail presentations of lighting effects
   & designs for clients to see their actual building

LED Mirrors

Lumina Mirrors offers the best

combination of functionality and style.

• Provide perfect mirrors for your space

• Comes with high quality LEDs &

   premium components for long lifespan

• Custom made mirrors

• Offers modern display technology

   and bluetooth connection

Lighting Specialist

High quality decorative lighting to browse 

and select for the right ambiance

• Many options of designs & display 

• Custom made for each application

• Showcase of fashion and functionality

    to enhance interior spaces

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